What is C-Claw Technology?


A long overdue part of ARGOLF’s story and the conception of their precisely milled putters. Golfers that have been following us since the beginning know why ARGOLF golf clubs are different from the rest the market has to offer. The reason is simple: C-Claw Technology. Here we present the simple version of what it is and how it works on the greens.

What is C-Claw Technology?

Golf has been played since the end of the 13th century. However, it was definitely not the same type of golf back then, than the modern one of today. The game of golf as we know it started in Scotland around the time of the Middle Ages. Since then, there have been many great inventions in the game of golf and ARGOLF’s C-Claw Technology is one of the finest yet.

When you look at a golf club, more precisely a putter, there are three major components you need to pay attention to: the grip, the shaft, and of course the head, which is the most important one.

Traditionally, putter heads were made entirely of metal or had the possibility of adding inserts that would enable them to have a better feel at impact. However, that may not be the best solution for better performance…

Many of you probably already know that the key element to good putting is the ball roll you get from hitting the ball with your putter. Achieving the perfect putting game is no small task and it will take the right equipment with a lot of practice to get it right. The moment when the ball comes into contact with the putter’s head is critical, and with the right impact, the ball will roll directly into the whole!

Simply put, C-Claw Technology is an innovation that gives you better control, precision, and most importantly, topspin. Increased topspin means the effort upon impact is lessened and the golf ball rolls further. A putter equipped with C-Claw Technology and the best materials available on the market, is a putter that will improve your game; there’s no doubt there!

How does it work?

This question is essential in order to better understand your putter.

This is where ARGOLF’s C-Claw Technology comes into play. On its quest for perfection, ARGOLF decided to invent its own unique system to improve ball roll at impact. One of the goals that ARGOLF wanted to achieve through this invention was to deliver a putter head that gave the player full control and precision over the ball. Another goal was to optimize the impact surface in order to reduce the chances of the ball skidding and create a forward rolling movement which would greatly improve the overall performance of the stroke. All of this of course, while respecting the rules imposed by the USGA and R&A on golfing equipment.

To better explain how the actual system works, here is a diagram with two putter heads:

Putter Head 1 is not equipped with C-Claw technology whereas Putter Head 10 is (referred to as number 2).

If we take a closer look at the face of Putter Head 2 (number 102 on the diagram to the right) we notice a slight upward inclination, which is the Loft Angle. This angle is usually between 2 and 5 degrees and is what helps lift the ball at impact. The Loft Angle plus the added grooves (number 105) are what creates the remarkable topspin that ARGOLF putters are known for. As a side note, it is important to point out that having a greater topspin at impact gives the golfer better control of the ball over the distance.

The grooves milled on the face of the putter have a special shape that was developed by ARGOLF after numerous attempts. When combined with the right Loft Angle, the grooves are able to reveal their true performance on the greens. If we go back to the first diagram with Putter Head 1 and 2, you will notice that there is little to no skidding when the face is equipped with C-Claw grooves. If the ball starts rolling forward right upon impact, then your shot will always be more precise with less chances for the ball to suddenly change directions.

Overall, C-Claw Technology gives your putter the ability to produce a better topspin which leads to better performance on the greens. Having a putter head with this sort of tech in your bag, can only improve your game.

Still confused?

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