Mallet Putters

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This putter is right for you if you’re looking for:

  • More aggressive play on the green
  • Keep the club face square at impact
  • Maintain topspin for a more consistent roll



The MORGANE is a classic mallet putter boasting a sharp design with its aeronautical-grade 7175 Aircraft Aluminum composite and clean lines. The weight distribution and high MOI of this custom putter facilitates a pendulum-type motion allowing for a more aggressive play on the green.

As one of the lighter weighted putters in the Broceliande collection, the MORGANE has a medium offset that helps the golfer keep the club face square at impact. Its strategically milled grooves on the club face also help maintain topspin for a more consistent roll.

The MORGANE putter comes with a black head cover.


LIE 70°
SHAFT Available in center and heel shaft
OFFSET for center shaft 0
OFFSET for heel shaft 3/4 shaft
Balance / Stroke Type Face Balanced / Straight
Head Weight 340g
Total Weight 520g
Face Grooved
Head Milled from a solid block of aeronautical-grade 7175 Aluminum
Putter Head Finish Black Matte