Blade Putters

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This putter is right for you if you’re looking for:

  • Solid impact and better feel
  • Take out the line about caressing the ball
  • Unique and soft feel
  • Pure feel players



Just as the Excalibur sword is known as the finest created, so is the EXCALIBUR putter as one of the finest blade putters on the market.

The features on this high-performance putter are unprecedented. Precisely milled from a single piece of 316L German stainless steel, the Excalibur maintains a classic blade design yet has been modernized for a more solid impact and better feel.

The exceptionally grooved face of the Excalibur allows the player to caress the ball gently instead of lifting it at impact.

The Excalibur is of pure design and instills confidence in its user with a unique and soft feel.

Unlike most putters in the ARGOLF collection, there is no alignment feature incorporated into the design, making this an ideal choice for pure feel players.

LOFT: 3.5°

LIE: 70°

OFFSET: 0 shaft

Balance / Stroke Type: Toe Hang

Head Weight: 370g

Total Weight: 550g

Face: C-Cut Grooves

Head milled from a solid block of aeronautical-grade Stainless Steel 316L

The EXCALIBUR putter comes with a black head cover.