ARGOLF Forged Irons AR-F15 are right for you if you’re looking for:

  • Soft feel
  • Forgiveness
  • Consistency in distance
  • Excellent playability



AR-F15 Forged 3 times from S20C Steel, cavity and face milled with CNC but with a bigger “muscle” back than the F18 and are forgiving blades.

Made to allow lower handicaps to play ARGOLF Blades! If you’ve been loving the look of blades and have felt that you just weren’t good enough to play them, this might be the model you’ve been waiting! The AR-F15 combines the playabilty of a blade with the forgiveness of a cavity back.

Soft feel and a touch of forgiveness in an awesome look!

The AR-F15 is the muscle back model that you’re looking for! Ideal position of weight on the sole for a better center of gravity which allows to make the sole wider and get a higher trajectory

The design of the head affords much more forgiveness in launch than a regular blade even on long irons, and short irons are precision tools, which allow consistency in distance and excellent playability. The sole on the F15 is wider than most of Muscle back irons on the market.

These irons have a unique design with more weighting allocated behind the sweet spot with a cavity forgiveness, they’re just bigger than blades which also add some forgiveness without sacrificing the feel of the S20C or the look.

Purity, look and playability were our challenges to make those new F15 irons.



ARGOLF putters have experienced immense success on the greens since their introduction to the golf market. With several wins, including two Majors, ARGOLF has proved itself to be a major competitor in the golf club space.

Intersecting art and industrial design, ARGOLF features the same technical precision as found in the aeronautics industry, guaranteeing exceptional performance, accuracy, quality and visual appeal. ARGOLF Founder, Olivier Colas, decided to introduce a new product line to the ARGOLF family in 2019 that is sure to disrupt the golf club arena overall.


Club # 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW
Loft 22º 26º 30º 34º 38º 42º 46º
Lie 59º 60º 61º 62º 62.5º 63º 63.5º
Standard Length 38.5º 38º 37.5º 37º 36.5º 36º 35.50º
Bounce 1.5º 2.5º 3.5º
Swing Weight D1 D1 D1 D1 D1 D1 D1

Stock Shaft Information

Shaft Flex Weight Ball Fight Taper Butt
KBS Tour 105 Steel Iron Shaft R 105g Mid/High .355″ .600″
KBS Tour 105 Steel Iron Shaft S 110g Mid/High .355″ .600″
KBS Tour 105 Steel Iron Shaft X 115g Mid/High .355″ .600″
UST MAMIYA RECOIL Graphite Shaft A 63g Mid/High .355″ .600″
UST MAMIYA RECOIL Graphite Shaft L* 51g High .355″ .600″

L* Ladies Standard Length -1″ from Mens

Our AR-F15 Irons are also available at authorized club fitters.  Click here to contact us to locate the nearest center.