Custom golf clubs: personalize your own with ARGOLF


You already know what ARGOLF stands for: finesse, technological precision, balance, and performance; but did you know that it also stands for custom golf clubs personalized to your liking? It’s time you discovered what ARGOLF is truly about.

The Art of Golf

To some, golfing is a sport, to others it is an art, a way to express yourself. Here at ARGOLF, we agree with both sides. Golfing is definitely a sport when you take it seriously, and it is also art when you choose the right clubs. For example, take a club like the mallet putter MORDRED; at the intersection of art and industrial design, ARGOLF’s objective was to create an art piece for the greens that delivered astonishing performance. They succeeded!

With a lower center of gravity that surpasses all mallet putters in the collection, the MORDRED boasts one of the highest MOIs available on the market. Using some of the most advanced technologies that exist in aeronautics, the mallet is shaped through a 5-axis milling process. The MORDRED differentiates itself from its competitors in design and performance due to its aerodynamic features.


Be different…but how?

It is so easy nowadays to just go online, pick out a set of clubs, and have them delivered right to your doorstep, that the process of customization and personalization is often overlooked. However, in order to play well, improve your game, and get remarkable scores, you need the proper equipment.

Here is how you can be different: personalize! ARGOLF’s online boutique and Performance Center give you the possibility to create the club of your dreams. In a game where practically everything is strictly regulated, personalization of your golf equipment is still on the table! Until customized golf clubs became popular, your golf apparel was the only thing you could spice up to match your personality (and until recently, even that was strictly enforced).

Thankfully, rules changed. As long as the materials and technical aspects of the club are within regulation, you have clearance to design unique clubs that truly represent you. Customizing your golf club allows you to add your own personal touch. A boost of confidence when you step onto the course, or a good luck charm if you prefer. Personalizing your putter can also be nerve-calming depending on the color chosen. You could go for a specific shade of blue which would help you relax. Having your club suited to your taste also allows you to flash your opponent’s rival team while on the greens!


Choosing the right club for your stroke

Good news! ARGOLF has a tailor-made service to help you choose the best clubs for your stroke. When it comes to perfecting your game, the clubs you choose are everything; more specifically the putter you choose. Making up your mind as to which putter to choose can be overwhelming with all the different factors that come into play. It’s time to call in for reinforcements and by reinforcements we mean the Certified PGA Pros that work at ARGOLF.

  • Support 24/7
  • 100% FREE
  • PGA Certified Expertise
  • Receive a selection of putters and irons tailored for you

Talk to a PGA Pro about your club selection by clicking here.

Customize your club

There are several ways your ARGOLF putter or iron can be customized – including the grip, shaft, and club head. You can select your favorite color, your favorite sports team, band, animal, and even more! Several ARGOLF clubs can be completely customized from the color of the head to the sight lines on it; you can even add a special logo, your favorite phrase or your initials.

ARGOLF makes it easy to create your very own unique club within minutes, just follow these steps below:

  1. Choose your weapon from the list by clicking here
  2. Explain your design and specify your customization requests in the form below
  3. Our team of experts will confirm your request and reach out to clarify your vision, as well as provide you with a more accurate price and expected timeframe for delivery. (Your club will usually ship within a week or less)
  4. Track the status of your order online
  5. Impress everyone on the course!

If you’re not quite sure of your design skills but have something in mind? Not a problem! Our highly skilled team can also suggest a few designs based on any theme you may have in mind. ARGOLF works closely with you to ensure that you not only have one of the best performing clubs on the market, but one of the best looking too!

Overall, it’s safe to say that you are in good hands when it comes to selecting the right club for your needs and customizing it for your taste. The golf course better get ready, soon there will be a new champion and it will most likely be you.

See you on the course!

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