Pendragon LT Heel Shaft
Pendragon LT Heel Shaft

Mallet Putter Pendragon LT

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With a similar shape to it's "Big Brother", Pendragon, the LT weighs in lighter at 350 grams. The stability and forgiveness of the Pendragon LT are what makes this putter special.

The design and sharpness of its patented C-Claws grooves both reduce the backspin and improve the feel at impact therefor each putt can be perfectly mastered. The PENDRAGON LT is face-balanced and can be used by golfers who use a straight-back and straight-through putting stroke. The PENDRAGON LT is available with heel and center shaft.

LOFT: 2°

LIE: 70°

OFFSET for center shaft: 0

OFFSET for heel shaft: 3/4 shaft

Balance / Stroke Type: Face Balanced / Pendulum

Head Weight: 350g

Face: Grooved C-Claws Technology

Head milled from a solid block of aeronautical-grade 7175 Aluminum

The PENDRAGON LT putter comes with a black head cover.

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